Posted on: January 30, 2009 10:05 am

Bailout(Welfare) Plan

Explain to me how it is that someone that contributes absolutely nothing to this country is entitled to money for free??  And now, according to some, you don't even need to be a legal citizen to get the free money??  And we wonder why we are being overrun by illegals.  How much money would we save if we didn't have to pay for EVERYTHING for illegals?  I have an idea, let's take some if this "bailout" money and give it to the states to enforce the immigration laws!  Send them back to their country and lets start using the wasted money on our own people?!?!?!  oh yeah, that is mean spirited right?  Sorry, I call them like I see them, worthless is worthless.  I my opinion if you are in this country, you are over 18 and you don't contribute or have ever contributed to the well-being of this country, then you are no more than a common stray dog and should be dealt with as such!!!!  I am all for helping those that need it, the elderly, disabled, handicapped, mentally challenged, BUT the current system is being raped by worthless people that are perfectly able to provide for themselves but instead they choose to live off the government.  Here are my suggestions to help with this problem.....

1.  Each state needs to do a full aduit of all illegals and welfare cases.  This will also create jobs because there are in no way enough people to currently perform such a large undertaking.

2.  Anyone the is able-bodied and can provide for themselves should be given a 3 month notice that the free money will be cut of and they had better find a job, no matter what it is!!!!  Money is money.

3.  All illegals should be given a choice.... Canada or Mexico...  You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!!!

4.  Only ONE child allowed to a welfare household from here on out.  Everyone deserves a child, maybe it will even inspire the parents to become better.  However, if you can't support yourself then you can't support others.  Any child born after the first will be removed from the home and placed in a deserving home.  There are thousands of working, law abiding couples out there that for whatever reason cannot have kids on their own.

5.  A portion of the money saved can be added to the amount that deserving people get to help them even more, the rest can go into the local and state school systems to help the future citizens.

6.  Lastly, in time of war, any able-bodied person that is on welfare will be the first people sent out to fight.  You have been living for free off this country, time to earn your check.....

It is time for this country to stand up and reform itself, not continue the downward spiral of trying to equalize everything and appease everyone. 

When a group tries to make everyone equal that group will take on the characteristics of the lesser group because those values/actions are the easiest to obtain.  This is what is happening to us!

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